Boorley Gardens Planning Application Appeal (land south of Winchester Road)

Your attendance is urgently required at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24 May 
at the Ageas Suite, Ageas Bowl

Botley is under threat from another huge development of almost 680 houses, south of Winchester Road at Boorley Green which will seriously impact our community and way of life. These 680 houses are in addition to the 1400 already agreed on the Boorley Green Golf Course and surrounding fields.


EBC rejected the request for planning permission for the 680 houses, but the developers have appealed EBC’s rejection, and the final decision will be made by an Independent Government Inspector following a 7 day hearing which commenced on the 17th May 2016.


The Inspector has expressly requested a public session on the 24th May at 7.30pm to understand the views of those local residents affected by yet another large development in Botley.


This will be a very different event from the Boorley Green Golf Course application HEWEB meeting two years ago, when despite huge public opposition the politicians refused to listen to rationale. This is an Independent and most importantly, impartial Government Inspector who will consider all arguments for and against the application before making his judgement.


Please do not waste this opportunity to influence the Inspector’s decision. There is seating for more than 200 in the Ageas Suite and we need attendance to be at capacity to ensure the Inspector is left in no doubt about the strength of feeling.


Not everyone will be able, or want, to speak but numbers are critical so please prioritise your attendance if you care about our community. 

Details of the Public Session

The public session will be conducted under the Inspector’s direction. If you would like to speak at the hearing please see the EBC guidance below. There may be an opportunity to speak on the evening without prior arrangement but this will be at the Inspectors request only. Botley Parish Council Chair, Dr. Colin Mercer, and BPAG Chair, Sue Grinham will both make statements of objection to the proposal and respond to any questions asked of them.
Even if you do not want to speak in public your attendance at this event is critical to demonstrate that we do not want Botley to change forever. 

Speaker guidance

It would be helpful if you could inform EBC prior to the evening (preferably by Friday) Please contact Lisa Radford ( 68811) specifying whether you will speak for or against the proposed scheme and if you are prepared to answer questions on your statement. It is important to consider what you want to say beforehand and advisable to write a brief statement of your views to read out. Please bring 4 copies to be distributed to those involved.

Boorley Gardens Planning Application Appeal (land south of Winchester Road)