Boorley Green Development

David Evans, the Project Director of the Boorley Green site development has agreed to provide progress updates to share with the BPAG membership.


Please find below the last update BPAG has received from David.


1.Planning and Section 106 Contributions
Our Infrastructure Reserved Matters Application formal approval was issued by EBC on the 19th February, and all required Pre-Commencement  information was submitted to E.B.C. in March.
The Residential R.M.A. went to Committee on 22nd March and was approved subject to the satisfactory resolution of a number of issues. We continue to work with Officers on these issues in a collaborative manner and hope to have all resolved in the very near future.
Payment of Pre-Commencement S106 Contributions in respect of Economic Development Fund; Public Art; SINC Maintenance, and SPA totalling £321,332 have been processed by the Consortium for payment to E.B.C.
2. Archaeology
In February, we concluded our initial Archaeological investigations for Phase 1 and the Infrastructure route. One small area on the boundary with the Hotel was the subject of further investigation following the discovery of a single burial pot, and that was subsequently concluded and signed off by the County Archaeologist in March.
Following this, a methodology for the remainder of the Development has been agreed with the County Archaeologist.
Work to Phases 2/3 commenced at the beginning of April and will be substantially completed by the end of the month.
3. Arboriculture
Arboricultural works have been on-going for the last three months (hampered by the very wet weather/ground conditions on site), but the Phase 1 and Infrastructure areas are now significantly completed.
Our next operation which will be to carefully lift approximately 75-100 No. existing semi-mature trees that would otherwise be lost when construction commences, and to temporarily create a nursery on site where they can be nurtured until being re-planted in specific locations around the Development thus providing maturity to the newly created street scene. This work requires specialist equipment which will be brought to site in the next couple of weeks.
Tree protective fencing has been erected around Ph.1/Infrastructure sections of the Development and has been inspected by E.B.C.’s Tree Services Manager.
4. Highway Section 278 Agreements/Works
The two Highway Section 278 Agreements regarding a new roundabout and traffic calming on Winchester Road and a new priority junction to the site from Maddoxford Lane, were legally completed by the Consortium and H.C.C. this week and a ”Pre-Start” meeting has been held with H.C.C.’s Highways personnel to agree programming; sequencing etc.
We are aiming to commence works on the existing highway during the summer.
5. Southern Water Foul Trunk Sewer
Co-ordination is on-going with Southern Water regarding the Section 98 Foul Sewer Requisition and they have been completing their enabling works on the Boorley Green site and beyond. They are preparing to start pipe-works shortly subject to being provided with access for heavy boring machinery onto the Development land in order that sections of the sewer can be taken beneath protected tree zones without damage or loss to these mature specimens.
Southern Water envisage that their works on/off site will take around 6 months.
6. Statutory Services
Statutory Service enquiries are progressing and we have Contracted for the supply of Electricity and Gas to the Development.
Electricity is being fed from the Primary Sub-Station in Hedge End and requires several months work to bring mains electricity to the Development.
Gas is being supplied from the existing medium pressure gas main to the South-East of the site in Maddoxford Lane, and thus needs bringing across the entire length of the site to the North-West section where our first phase development commences.
7. Hampshire County Council/Botley Parish Council
We continue to liaise with Botley Parish Council and H.C.C. regarding the future provision of School and Recreation facilities and hosted a workshop in March between both to explore opportunities expressed individually to us by the stake-holders.
This will be repeated in May to enable progression.
8.Next Steps
Following completion of the Arboricultural and Archaeological works, our next stage will be to commence site set-up (compound; welfare facilities; security fencing etc.) and to undertake installation of on-site access-ways/haul roads to facilitate Southern Water egress on to site.
This will include the removal of the division bund between the former driving range and golf course (in order that this “made-ground” can be segregated for future on-site re-use), and topsoil strip/storage.
Access for these preparatory works will be via the Driving Range entrance on Winchester Road which has been agreed with H.C.C. at the recent Pre-Start Commencement meetings.
The above described pre-commencement works should be started next week.

9. Public Footpath
A meeting has been held with the Rights of Way Officer to explore options regarding use of the existing public footway which crosses the site during construction work, particularly with safety in mind. Decisions will be taken shortly on how best to proceed, and this may include an application for temporary closure (with the possibility of granting alternative private access via a limited diverted route.

10. Sundays Hill/Pylands Lane
Detailed Design is continuing and discussions on-going with S.S.E. regarding existing overhead power line diversion. Section 278 Agreement applications have been made and work is on-going towards securing H.C.C. Technical Approval.

Boorley Green Development