More housing – Crows Nest Lane, Botley



Planning application no: O/16/78389 Crows Nest Lane, Botley

Objections should be submitted to EBC by next Monday, 13th. June


Application details on the EBC website:


The proposed development on the fields to the South East of Crows Nest Lane, Boorley Green, which was first mooted last autumn, has now been submitted as a formal proposal to EBC. The number of houses has been reduced from 180 to 50, in a smaller land area, but all our previous objections still apply.


We note, also, that development of this land would give access to a further area in the same ownership, which is currently inaccessible from the road system. This would then be ripe for further building in the future.


BPAG is objecting principally on the following grounds:


1.    Traffic


The exit from the proposed development will be onto Maddoxford Lane, directly opposite the new access to Boorley Fields (aka Botley Park). This will only add further to the congestion on the Lane, which is already wholly unsuitable for the traffic it carries – even before the 1400 planned houses on the golf course. This will of course increase the traffic impact on the existing Boorley Green and Wangfield Lane/Curdridge residents.


2.  Excessive development and urbanising of a rural area


1400 houses are already being built at Boorley Fields, and there is possibility of permission being given for 680 units at Boorley Gardens (subject to Appeal decision). In addition, a large development north of Woodhouse Lane and further housing in Botley village may be allowed for in the emerging Local Plan. No further proposals should be allowed until these matters are settled.


3.  Intrusion into to the Local Gap between Boorley Green and Botley.


4.  Sewage disposal


No actual solution to foul water drainage is contained in the application. The existing drainage system at Boorley Green is already at capacity and is subject to sewage overflow into residents’ gardens. It would appear that the applicants are relying on the possibility of Southern Water allowing connection to the new pipe being built to serve the Botley Fields, (but SW say they cannot consider this until development permission has been given!).


5.  Conflict with Botley’s emerging Neighbourhood Plan for the future of our community.



You may well have additional reasons to object to this proposal but, as always, please express opinions in your own words.


Here is the link to EBC Comments form:


Or send an e-mail to .

More housing – Crows Nest Lane, Botley