Possible Broad Oak develoment

This is to inform you that BPAG have learned that developers are putting forward a possible site at Broad Oak, Botley, for undefined building, most probably housing with a mix of other development.

The proposals are very vague at the moment and there are considerable hurdles for the developers to address, e.g. the pipelines, overhead lines, and most importantly, a possible dangerous entrance. The developers were requested by Botley Parish Council to provide the expected numbers of homes, but they were unable to do so, as the plans are still in their infancy.

As you all know, because of the failure of Eastleigh Borough’s local plan the borough is now at the mercy of hostile developers, and this proposal is just one more in a long line. The facts are that any available land can be proposed for development while the new Local Plan is being put together; the old Plan no longer has any standing, nor have the prior protected areas. As a result nothing can be presumed.

We recommend that, in order to understand the proposals, concerned residents should attend the developers’ Public Consultation Exhibition at the Botley Centre on 24th. November, between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. If you wish to put forward objections at this stage then you can do so at the next Botley Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 8th.December.

BPAG can act as a conduit if this proposal looks as though it will become a possibility, but little can be done until we know whether it will even be proposed. If it is indeed put forward prior to the first draft of the new local plan, then all concerned residents should voice their opposition to Eastleigh Borough Council. If it is later included in the published draft local plan, then the same will apply.

Possible Broad Oak develoment